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Magnesium Bath Soak - 1kg

Magnesium Bath Soak - 1kg

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The ultimate weekly reset!

Give your sore, tired and fatigued muscles the ultimate in relaxation with our muscle soak. Blended for maximum relief, our soak helps to reduce muscle tension, inflammation and soreness whilst providing your body with an all natural magnesium soak for the ultimate reset

Our blends include some essential oils, which are specifically selected to help you elevate your recovery routine...added bonus, the peppermint oil means that your bathroom is going to smell AMAZING!!


Our Magnesium Bath Soak will help with:

- Reducing Muscle Inflammation
- Reducing Muscle & Joint Pain
- Reduce Cramping
- Increase Muscle Relaxation
- Reduce the Effect of DOMS
- Support Your Muscles Post Exercise for a Faster


Add 1/2 - 1 cup into a warm bath. Soak for a minimum 20 minutes to get the full benefits of the magnesium.

Use once a week as a reset, or more frequently if you like!

For external use only. Do not use if skin is broken/irritated.



Magnesium Sulfate, Magnesium Chloride, Himalayan Pink Salt, Peppermint oil, Ravensara oil

Magnesium Sulfate: Helps relieve minor sprains, bruises, muscle aches or discomfort, joint stiffness or soreness, and tired feet

Magnesium Chloride: Assists with magnesium deficiency, relieves tense and tired muscles, reduce muscle soreness, pain and cramping and provides overall relaxation

Himalyan Pink Salt: Has a calming effect on the body, eases pain, reduces stress and fatigue

Peppermint Oil: Assists in reducing pain, increasing circulation, reducing stress and increases mental clarity

Ravensara Oil: Aids in muscle, joint and nerve relaxation, along with blood and lymph circulation


1kg - approximately 6 baths

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What do the products smell like?

Both the Muscle Recovery Spray and Bath Soak have an amazing peppermint smell thanks to the Peppermint Essential Oil that we add to our products.

My skin tingles a little when I use the spray, is this normal?

It's definitely not uncommon, and can be a sign that you are a little deficient in Magnesium.

If the sensation is to much, we suggest either applying a moisturiser to the area before applying the spray, or you can simply wash the spray off with some warm water.

We recommend starting with one spray per area then building up to 2-3 sprays as your body adjusts to the product and the tingling reduces.

How often should I be using the Spray & Soak?

We recommend using the spray daily either straight after your workout or after a warm shower.

Apply the spray directly to the muscles and areas of your body that are sore and tight to help prevent post workout muscle soreness and DOMS.

The soak can be used as often as you like, however we suggest once a week for a deep muscle relaxation and reset for a new week.

What makes Salis Co unique to other Magnesium products available?

We use a unique combination of all natural ingredients including both Peppermint and Ravensara Oils, which have been specifically formulated for post exercise muscle recovery and relief.

Our products have been formulated with a PT and put through pretty rigorous testing to ensure they deliver!

Customer Reviews

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Beth Knuckey
Bath Lady

I absolutely love the bath soak! So relaxing after a big day at work or after a workout. The peppermint aroma is my absolute favourite and I have the best night’s sleep after a soak.
Thanks 🙏 I’m a bath lady forever now!!

Beth Knuckey
Bath Lady

I absolutely love the bath soak! So relaxing after a big day at work or after a workout. The peppermint aroma is my absolute favourite and I have the best night's sleep after a soak.
Thanks! I'm a bath lady forever now!!

Georgia Hillman

Hi guys, I tried my magnesium bath soak for the first time after being incredibly sore from the gym. I could barely walk but woke up the next day feeling soooo much better! I couldn't believe the improvement. It also smells amazing which is an added bonus


I just had the best and longest sleep since having my baby...I definitely put it down to your magnesium bath I had last night. I felt like I've slept for 100 years!!!